An Ecosystem of Business Services to Energize, Enhance and Enlarge Your Business with Value Creation

Encore’s mission is to bring together best-in-class technology-enabled business solutions and proven capabilities into a unique Business Service Ecosystem designed to deliver complete business services to our customers across diverse markets with differentiated needs


We select business solutions and capabilities that are tested and proven – so that you get only the best among all business services in that class – with local knowledge and optimal pricing support.

Local knowledge

Through our global network of leading independent local partnerships – who have both marketing support expertise and systems integration skills – we deliver a wealth of proven technology solutions that solve your real-world business challenges – at the right pricing point.

Domain expertise

Our business solutions are backed by the most comprehensive and experienced domain experts in the industry – with years of experience in offering guidance, implementation support, and functionality customized to meet your needs as your business strategy changes over time.

Ensuring growth

Our delivery model is intelligently structured to enable you to achieve steady revenue growth at incrementally lower costs, and to achieve scale with higher profitability – while benefiting from our unique blend of global and local capabilities.

Architecting solutions

We have the expertise and the experience to architect the ‘right fit’ business service package for each customer – so that you get only the most appropriate blend of technology and business skills to meet your specific needs.