We specialize in RFID enterprise solution implementation and provide extensive support for your ongoing operations. At Vista we offer customized solutions to meet the specific requirement of our clients and provide comprehensive end to end solutions.

We assist you in indentifying your needs and requirements such that you can benefit from a solution best suited for your needs. We ensure that RFID solutions are integrated seamlessly with your existing systems and ensure scalability to meet your future growth requirements.

RFID technology is used to incorporate Solutions such as:

• Asset Tracking
• Manufacturing
• Supply Chain Management
• Payment Systems
• Security and Access Control
• Document Management Systems

We provide RFID technology for the following verticals:

Railways Defence
Manufacturing Oil & Gas
Steel and Metallurgy Transportation

We at Vista provide these solutions enabled by advance RFID capabilities and thus offer comprehensive solutions for all your requirements. We provide real-time support to keep your operations working smoothly and efficiently at all times.