At Vista we provide multiple solutions to cater to the advanced technology needs of Railways sector. We offer the latest in Technology and Innovation to ensure Railways stay ahead of the Technology curve.

Our technology expertise includes:

>> GSM R
GSM-R solutions assist Railways Sector with an advanced Digital Solution to supplement existing communications systems. GSM-R technology provides an opportunity to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure increased safety standards.

We provide end-to end telecommunications solutions for Railways that enhance operations for a safe and secure today and tomorrow. At Vista, we ensure you stay on track by providing streamline solutions which can be integrated to present systems and scalable for future growth.

>> Internet On Train
A Key Competitive Advantage Internet on Board has become the new standard of comfort. For passengers, a Broadband Internet connection allows a productive use of their journey time. For train operators, this competitive advantage is a compelling proposition to attract new passengers by upgrading their level of onboard services.

"Internet access isn't just for Business travellers.."
Wi-Fi phones and hand-held Internet devices are becoming the new standard mobile device for everyone: for business travellers but also students and leisure passengers.

The Vista system combines satellite and cellular with Wi-Fi technologies to provide a continuous Internet connectivity to running trains.

>> Digital Axle Counters
We Provide implementation, operation and maintenance for Digital Axle Counter, providing the latest in technology to Railways
This Technology enables:
- Optimized Utilization of Tracks
- Enhanced Data Usability
- Maintaining highest standards of Safety
- Enhance Operation Capabilities.

>> Automated Train Protection
We provide complete design ,testing ,installation and project management solution. We have partnered with MerMec to provide Advanced Train Protection Solution. With ATP solutions, Railways can maintain highest standard of safety and performance , enabling secure operations.
Our ATP solution is fully compatible with existing systems ensuring effective solution and prompt execution.