Digital Axle Counter

Digital Axle Counter is a Micro - controller based Track Monitoring System used for signaling in Railways for Fail Safe Operation of Railway Traffic. In Railways the need for reliable safety solutions is of paramount importance. Digital Axle Counters ensure that secure and real-time communication is possible at all times.

Digital Counters enables effective monitoring and control over the rail transportation. Digital Axle Counters enable real-time communication between the control room and trains, making things easier. They monitor railway traffic by detecting the presence of trains in places like yards, track sections, and platforms.

Rail Travel Is Safe With Digital Counters

Trains need to be constantly alerted on what route to take, when to move or stop, and what the speed limit is.

Our Digital Axle Counters provide three types of notifications:

Line-Clear Notification: Helps trains know if track sections, bridge sections, line sections, and points switch zones are clear.

Decentralised Points-Clear Notification: Helps in maintaining switching protection through electrical points in the route.

Occupied/Cleared Notification: Specifies whether a grade crossing is occupied or clear.

Why Opt For Digital Axle Counters?

Can sense all types of trains, including low floor models.

Are hardy and unaffected by external conditions and interferences.

Installation is easy and cost effective.

At Vista we provide complete end-to-end solution for seamless integration and activation of Digital Counters on the vast Railway Network. We offer extensive technical expertise and support ensuring that your operations are always on the track.