Automated Train Protection

We provide complete design, testing, installation and project management solution. We have partnered with MerMec to provide Advanced Train Protection Solution. With ATP solutions, Railways can maintain highest standard of safety and performance, enabling secure operations.

Our ATP solution is fully compatible with existing systems ensuring effective solution and prompt execution. We provide extensive support to manage any operational Issues

We provide a digital radio-based signal and train protection system. All trains automatically report their exact position and direction of travel to the Radio Block Centre at regular intervals. The movement authority is transmitted to the vehicle continuously via GSM-R together with speed information and route data. Train movements are monitored continually by the radio block centre and on-board computer continuously monitors the transferred data and the maximum permissible speed

Our Automated Train Protection assist the Railways by enabling :

Receipt of data from the Radio Block Center including movement authorities, information about the status and characteristics of the track, distance to the next balise.

Forwarding of position data with respect to Eurobalises to the Radio Block Center.

Calculation of the dynamic speed profile.

Selection of the most restrictive speed value to be observed at the locations ahead.

Comparison between the train's actual speed and the permitted speed with, if necessary, mandatory brake application.

Display of indications and provision of alerts / warnings to the driver.

Provision of 'planning' information to the driver about the route ahead enabling efficient driving.

ATP solutions ensure the safety and enhanced efficiency for Railway Sector.

We at Vista provide end-to-end solution thus easing cost-pressures. With our comprehensive solutions and active support we are able to assure the highest standards at all time.