About Us

Vista Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company headed by Mr. Vivek Agarwal who is a national awardee by Govt. of India and recipient of United Nation's award jointly with Govt of India. He has 25+ Years of international experience across diverse spectrum.

Vista Information Systems has taken over Nortel Networks GSM-R business in India in May-2012 and we are the sole partner and reseller of ‎Kapsch CarrierCom AG for GSM-R business in India.

Motto- We Deliver the Promise

At Vista Information Systems we work each day to stay true to our Motto. We partner with leading companies across the globe to open doors for achieving business success in India.

We have extensive expertise in enriching technology products and solutions to cater to the industry leaders from sectors such as Railways, Defence, Oil And Gas & Telecom etc.

Providing the latest advance Technology in Satellite Communications, RFID, GPRS, GSM-R, we assure that our clients achieve increased efficiency and sustained growth.

We abide by the best business practices, serve cutting edge technologies and provide solutions that work for the leaders across industry verticals. Be it Asset Management to Telecommunications, from Inventory Management to Signalling Systems we offer solutions that keep you ahead.

At Vista, we value our commitments and ensure we fulfil them every time. This inherent attribute is inculcated in all our colleagues and we demonstrate the same to our clients, partners and associates. We pursue a continuous endeavour of providing quality services and enhancing efficient business processes.